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Can You Have Sex After a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is a hair removal procedure that removes the entire pubic hair down to the labia, perianal area and in between the buttocks. It is important to wait for a period of time before having sexual activity after getting a Brazilian wax.

This is because the skin is delicate and prone to bacteria after the wax. The pores are also open and irritated.

Wait at Least 24 Hours After Waxing

A Brazilian wax is a great way to keep the intimate area hair-free, but it can be pretty painful and irritated. It’s important to wait at least 24 hours after a wax to have sex so the skin can recover from any inflammation or infection, according to dermatologists.

During the waxing process, you’ll remove your underwear and lie on the waxing table while your esthetician applies clean, warm wax to different areas of your vulva. Then, a cloth strip is used to pull the wax and hair off your vulva. The process can be pretty intense, and it may hurt at times, but your esthetician will take steps to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you.

You shouldn’t have sex right before your wax, and your waxer will likely tell you the same thing (and for good reason: it’s just gross). Hellmuth says she has even had clients FaceTime their moms to get moral support during a bikini or Brazilian wax because they were so swollen from the intimate area being ripped open that it was hard to move.

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You should also avoid showering the same day as a wax, especially with hot water, because your hair follicles will be open and can become infected if they come into contact with bacteria, soap, or skin cells. Instead, shower with cool or lukewarm water so the skin doesn’t get irritated.

Don’t Exfoliate

The abrasive nature of waxing can actually introduce bacteria and yeast to your hair follicles, leaving them vulnerable to infection. To help reduce this risk, experts recommend not engaging in sexual activity for 24 hours after a bikini wax, and even longer in the case of a Brazilian wax.

This is especially important if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as these hormones may affect the integrity of your skin, making it more prone to infection. It’s also a good idea to avoid any activities that cause friction or sweating in the area, such as working out or wearing tight clothing.

If you are unable to wait for 24 hours after your wax, it’s best to use a lubricant and be as gentle as possible. This will not only prevent chafing and irritation, but it will also make for an more comfortable experience.

It’s a good idea to exfoliate on a regular basis, but it’s important not to do so right before or after a wax. This is because exfoliation removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells, which can clog pores and lead to ingrown hairs. Experts recommend waiting a few days after waxing to exfoliate the labia and other areas, as well as avoiding any scrubs that contain abrasive ingredients or rough textures.

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Instead, try using a gentle exfoliating body wash or loofah with a soft texture to slough away any dead skin cells in the area. We also recommend applying a moisturizing lotion with a high SPF to the area, as this will protect it from sun damage and keep your skin healthy.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

It is important to avoid tight clothes in the areas that have been waxed. Tight clothes can cause friction and chafing on the newly waxed area which can lead to ingrown hairs. The skin is also more vulnerable to infection right after a wax, so you will want to avoid applying anything to the area that might irritate it further.

This includes scented soaps, body wash, and perfumes as they can be very irritating to the delicate areas of the vulva. You should also not shower with hot water as this can irritate the freshly waxed area and make it uncomfortable. Instead, you should shower with lukewarm or cool water.

You will also want to skip the gym, that bike ride, or any other activity that may cause you to sweat excessively. The salt in the sweat can irritate freshly waxed areas and create an environment for bacteria that could lead to an infection. This same principle applies to saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs.

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Finally, you will want to refrain from sexual activity for at least 24 hours following a wax. This will help to prevent bacteria, fungus, and other infections from entering the pores of the freshly waxed area. In addition, sex right after a wax will create friction and cause chafing on the delicate area that is already sensitive from the waxing process.

Don’t Exercise

While you might be tempted to hit up that SoulCycle class or go for a jog, it’s best to skip the exercise right after a wax. The salt in your sweat and the friction from exercise can cause irritation to the area and lead to an infection.

If you are adamant about working up a sweat, make sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing that will not irritate your skin, and avoid tight or elastic-banded workout clothes that can create unwanted friction on the waxed area. It’s also a good idea to stick to low-intensity exercises that will not cause you to sweat too much.

For women, it’s particularly important to avoid jogging or other exercises that may cause you to sweat in the vaginal area after a Brazilian wax, as this can clog your pores and lead to an infection.