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Why Your Girlfriend Never Wants to Have Sex

If your girlfriend never wants to have sex, she may be under significant stress. Stress, along with inaccurate media portrayals of heterosexual sex, can cause women to lose interest in their partners.

Some people recommend treating your girlfriend like a princess, with daily massages and romantic dates. This only leads to more frustration and resistance.

1. She’s in a bad mood

As the relationship progresses, carnal desire can fade. This is normal, but it’s important to reignite this passion and spark that initial attraction – These insights are the fruits of the service expert’s investigations Sultry Sensations. You can do this by demonstrating that you find her attractive and desirable. For example, by complimenting her on her looks, taking her on romantic dates and surprises, and doing other acts of affection like kissing and holding hands.

Stress can also lead to a loss of interest in sex. If your girlfriend is under a lot of pressure at work or is dealing with family problems, it can cause her to want intimacy less. Try talking to her about her stress and finding ways to help her relax.

Another way to show her that you’re interested in her is by mirroring her. If she pulls back and acts like she doesn’t want sex, you can respond by doing the same. This will create an unconscious connection and make her feel like you’re not pulling away for sex but simply because you’re interested in her. This technique is known as the scarcity principle.

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2. She’s tired

She may be tired from her job, family, and other activities. This can lead to her feeling too exhausted to have sex. She can also feel this way because she grew up with messages that sex is wrong or that it should be reserved until marriage.

If you notice that your girlfriend isn’t sleeping as much or she is tired during sex, try to talk about it with her when she is calm. Make sure to use proper protection to prevent unplanned pregnancies or STDs.

You should never nag your girlfriend to have sex because it will only kill her libido and make her not want to have sex with you anymore. This is especially true if she’s tired. Nagging also makes her feel uncomfortable which can make her pull away from you emotionally as well as sexually. Instead, focus on being sweet and attentive to her so that she feels comfortable around you. For example, you could surprise her with flowers and compliment her frequently. Or you could try oral sex and other foreplay to help her get in the mood.

3. She’s sick

When she says she doesn’t want to have sex, it’s important to consider why. Women have a lot of different emotions and feelings that can affect their sex drive, including being tired or being sick.

Being sick can be a very physical thing that can cause her to not want to have sex. She might be feeling sick to her stomach or having a fever that makes it hard for her to have an erection.

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Another reason she may not want to have sex is that she is worried about getting an STD or unplanned pregnancy. This is a valid concern because both of these things can be very serious health issues. If she’s worried about this, you should talk to her about it in a calm, non-judgmental way.

Some women may not want to have sex because of guilt from their past. This is also a valid concern because some people have been raised with messages that say sexual interest is wrong. You can help her overcome this by reassuring her that you find her sexy and beautiful. You can do this by giving her ongoing compliments.

4. She’s bored

In a long-term relationship it’s easy to get complacent and lose your lust for each other. Even if you’re still deeply in love, it’s possible that she’s found other things more interesting and that her attraction for you has dwindled. This can lead to a lack of physical intimacy. This is a hard thing to deal with because it’s important for the health of your relationship.

You can try to reignite your fire for one another by making her feel sexy and wanted. For example, you can surprise her with a romantic outing or give her lots of sexy compliments. This will let her know that you care about her and make her feel like you’re interested in sex with her.

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Be careful not to use sex as an instrument of control. Sex is an emotional and personal experience that shouldn’t be used to manipulate a woman. Remember that less is often more when it comes to sex. High-quality sex is better than none at all. Also, be sure to provide plenty of foreplay to help her get in the mood.

5. She’s in a bad relationship

If your girlfriend plays games to avoid sex and talks about how much she hates her boyfriend, it’s time for you to get the facts straight. She’s almost certainly cheating on him, and if you have any sense of decency you’ll be appalled. If she does this, it’s important that you pull away for a few hours or days. This will make her miss you and increase the odds that she’ll want to have sex with you.

All relationships go through rough patches, but if your girlfriend is constantly shying away from sex it’s time to find out what’s going on. There may be a serious problem in her relationship that needs to be addressed, or she might simply have lost interest. You can help her regain that interest by having an honest conversation about her sexual fetishes and preferences. Once she knows that jumping in bed with you is going to be fun and exciting, she won’t have any reason to refuse. Then you can turn up the heat in the bedroom! This will give her a chance to remember why she fell in love with you in the first place.