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Having Sex With Girls Can Be Nerve-Wracking

Having sex with girls – or sapphic sex, as it’s sometimes called – can be nerve-wracking. It’s important to be prepared, have protection at hand and to choose a time that feels right for you both.

To turn her on you need to start with touch – gently at first, then progressing to more intimate areas. Some women like a licking motion that goes up and down, while others prefer sucking.

1. She’s horny

If you want to have sex with a girl, it’s important to understand that she needs sexual tension before she will agree to sleep with you. If you can’t create this tension, it doesn’t matter how hot she is or how much she likes you – she will never be horny enough to sleep with you.

To make her horny, try touching her inappropriately and flirting sexually. Touching her arm or leg while you talk to her is a great way to show her that you’re interested in her. Girls love to be shocked, so play with her a little by accidentally or purposely touching her inappropriately. These moves will involuntarily make her horny and sexually excited. Just don’t do it too much! Remember that girls don’t have a lot of experience with penetration, so you may have to wear some strap-ons.

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2. She’s in the friend zone

If you’re friends with a girl who has had sex with girls before, then you probably know about the magical and orgasmic world of lesbian sex. If you don’t, then be sure to ask her about it, and start by asking her if she ever had sex with any of her female friends or if there are any women she would like to have sex with.

The friend zone is a place where a person’s friendship with another person ends up being more important than their romantic or sexual interest in that person. There are many reasons why a girl might decide to put you in the friend zone, and it’s not always as simple as a lack of attraction. It can be hard to accept, but there are many ways to work around it.

3. She’s afraid of intimacy

If a girl is into you, she’s likely to send some pretty clear signals that she wants to move forward sexually. She might touch your arm or hand, stand closer to you, or play with her hair. She might also start kissing you lightly, or even harder.

Girls like this can be difficult to deal with. They’re trying to walk a fine line between being considered slutty and being seen as a prude, and their own sexual desires often get lost in the mix.

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These girls may not be willing to go all the way, or they might just want to keep things casual and low-key for now. If this is the case, don’t give up on her. Just make sure she’s comfortable with your intentions and that you’re both on the same page about safety.

4. She’s too hot

Girls can be intimidated by their peers and sexual pressures from the media, which presents them as either a “slut” or a “prude.” They may feel they have to please their partners in order to not be judged negatively.

Whether it’s flirting or sexting, many girls give off a lot of signals that they want sex, and they are less inhibited when behind a computer screen. Regardless of how she communicates her desires, you have to decide if she’s someone worth banging.

Girls can be great at giving head and fingering, and it can be really satisfying to have girl-on-girl sex. It’s definitely something to try if you think you’re ready for it. It’s a good way to build intimacy and trust with your partner, and you might find it gives you orgasms.

5. She’s too cold

A girl can go hot and cold for many reasons. Sometimes, she’ll play hard to get because she wants to know whether you like her back. She may sleep with you to show that you’re her type, then play cold in order to see if you’ll pursue her or not. However, she can also be hot and cold because she’s on the fence about you or because she is seeing other people. Either way, she’s probably not worth your time.

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Are you a lesbian, bi, pan, or queer person who’s curious about girls-on-girls sex? If so, then check out my top sexy sapphic sex secrets. They’ll help you to understand why some girls have sex with other women and how to make it happen for you!

7. She’s got an obsession

Whether she’s lesbian, bi, pan or queer, girl-on-girl sex is just magical. It’s an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.

This kind of girl loves to talk about her sexy experiences with other girls. She’s always trying to walk a fine line between being slutty and being too much of a prude.

For her, feeling understood is very important. She wants to know that you’re on her side and understand what goes through her head and why she reacts the way she does in certain situations. Feeling understood will give her a big Turn On and make her more open to exploring her sexy side with you. This will also allow her to open up and become vulnerable, which is a big Brake for many girls.