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Can Having Sex Stop Your Period?

Having sex can cause your periods to be late because of the surge of hormones that occurs during arousal. It may only delay your period by a few days.

But it can also have some benefits, like less need for lubrication (since your period blood can act as a natural lubricant) and relief from menstrual cramps. Plus, it could make sex even more enjoyable!

1. It won’t delay your period

Sexual arousal can cause a surge in hormones, including oxytocin. This may make your period come earlier or later, but it won’t delay it by much.

If you’re unsure whether to have sex while on your period, be sure to talk to your partner. You can discuss what makes you comfortable and decide if you want to try penetrative or non-penetrative intercourse. Using a vaginal contraceptive sponge or menstrual cup, which stays in place during sex and can prevent pregnancy, is another option.

If you do want to have sex on your period, prepare by spreading a dark-colored towel on the bed or couch to prevent staining, and have towels ready to wipe yourself up afterward. You can also use lubricant that is gentle on the cervix to reduce pain and discomfort. Talk to your partner about what position might feel best, too. Practicing the missionary position, for example, can decrease blood flow and help with penetration.

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2. It won’t make your period longer

While sex can make your period a bit late, it won’t delay your menstrual cycle in any significant way. Small variations in your menstrual cycle are totally normal, and they’re nothing to worry about – unless you’re pregnant, of course.

For many people, having sex while on their period can be even more pleasurable than usual. The added lubrication of your menstrual blood can make for more orgasms, and the pain-relieving effects of a good orgasm can also ease period symptoms, like cramps.

Plus, orgasms can actually help speed up the onset of your period by contracting the pelvic floor muscles rhythmically. But this is just speculation, and there’s no clear evidence that orgasm can change your menstrual cycle. Regardless, it’s still best to practice safe sex during your period by using plenty of lubricant and trying positional sex such as missionary, spooning, and side-by-side.

3. It won’t make your period shorter

A lot of women feel self-conscious about having sex during their period, and it’s been stigmatized for years. But the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with it as long as both partners are comfortable. (And, of course, if the partner uses protection to avoid pregnancy and STIs.)

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The one thing having sex while you’re on your period can do is help your period end a bit faster. The reason is that during an orgasm, your uterus contracts, which helps speed up the shedding of your uterine lining.

In addition, some people find that having sex while on their period boosts libido, and that menstrual blood is an all-natural lubricant. But the sex benefits don’t stop there: Orgasms can also reduce menstrual cramping and provide stress relief, and can boost intimacy between partners.

4. It won’t make your period more painful

Having sex can actually be more pleasurable during your period than at other times. It boosts your libido and can cause orgasms, and the extra blood provides more lubrication. Plus, research suggests that sexual activity may help relieve menstrual cramps and cluster headaches for some women.

In addition, it’s a good idea to use protection (like condoms or dental dams) if you decide to have period sex, as this can help prevent STDs and pregnancy. Your cervix is also more open during your period, so you’re at a greater risk of infection.

Of course, whether or not you want to have sex during your period is a personal choice — and it’s important to discuss your comfort level with your partner. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead, so you can have sex when your flow is lighter — usually the first day or two of your period.

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5. It won’t make your period more irregular

While periods are usually a monthly event, some women have more irregular ones. This could be due to a number of things, including hormonal imbalances and thyroid disorders that affect hormone production. If your ovulation is off due to these reasons, it may lead to missed periods or abnormal bleeding.

Having sex won’t make your period more irregular, though it may delay it by a day or two. This is because arousal causes your hormones to get all jazzed up, and that can cause the lining of your uterus to shed earlier than normal.

This may also make your period shorter since the muscle contractions during orgasm can help your uterus expels the blood and lining faster than it normally would. That said, it’s still important to use protection like condoms when having sex on your period to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Plus, using lube that’s safe for your period can help.

6. It won’t make your period more painful

While many people might think that having sex during your period is gross or uncomfortable, it actually doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable for both partners.

For starters, you don’t need any extra lubrication because your menstrual fluid already contains plenty of lubricating power. Additionally, orgasms often trigger muscular contractions that push out your uterine lining faster than it would naturally, helping you to get through your period more quickly.

Also, don’t forget that you can still get pregnant if you have penetrative sex during your period, regardless of whether or not you’re ovulating. So make sure to use protection, such as condoms, pads or a menstrual cup.