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Sex Moves to Try on Your Husband

For a sexy twist on intercourse, try clenching your pubococcygeus muscle. This creates tight pressure on his penis and clitoris, which can be a powerful orgasm-inducing sensation.

Sometimes you need to switch things up and surprise your husband with a new position. These sex moves to try on your husband will add heat and intrigue that will make him crave you.


While it may seem like the missionary is a boring sex position, there’s actually a lot that can be done with it to turn it up. According to sex expert Dr. Zussman, it’s important for couples to figure out what kind of stimulation they both enjoy between the sheets. “If they aren’t enjoying it, they won’t be able to focus on getting pleasure,” she says. If you’re both happy with the traditional missionary, try adding a little bit of variety by rotating your hips or lifting your legs up over his shoulders. This will give you the ability to feel your partner’s penis from different angles, which can lead to more clitoral stimulation and extreme orgasms.

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If you’re feeling adventurous, add a toy. “Missionary is one of the best positions to throw a vibrator in,” says women’s health and sexual wellness expert Lisa James. “You can get so much penetration from that angle.”

If you want to go really crazy, consider trying the stallion missionary. It’s similar to the classic missionary, except she lifts one leg up on his shoulder. It allows her to gaze into his eyes while also providing a direct angle to the g-spot. You’ll be aching for more.


Flat iron is a fun variation of the good old Doggy style. You get on your knees and lower your hips so you can rest on the bed (or pillow, whatever). The penetrating partner then gets on all fours and enters your vagina from behind. It’s a kinky, flexible position that’s perfect for the adventurous, inquiring Virgos.

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While it’s tempting to stay away from all things kinky and sexy during the pandemic, you can still have fun together. Just make sure to use the right precautions — like always, only one regular sexual partner and always, always, using condoms. Then you can focus on what really matters: enjoying your time together. Happy sexing! (Photo credit: mddkj)


For a deep, super-naughty penetration that will make his G-spot explode, try V-Penetration. It’s like Missionary but with him on top. Have him lie on his side with his legs hung over the edge of the bed, then climb on top of her and have her face away from him while leaning forward with her arms rested on his knees or thighs to help support her weight. Have him angle his penis downwards slightly to enter her, then rock back and forth for an incredible sensation. This move is a great way to get erections started early and to build up momentum, too.

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Another one of the sex moves he will love is Wheelbarrow, which is an in-the-flesh version of the grade school game. If you’re both comfortable with it, have him lie on his side, then hook her leg around his for a little extra support. Then, he can either lift her up to his knees and enter for a vaginal or anal penetration, or he can bend forward so she’s on the bottom and he’s penetrating from behind.

Of course, not all these moves will work for every couple—but it’s a good idea to mix in some new positions now and then to keep things interesting, especially if your sexual routine is starting to feel a little boring. And if your guy loves toys, you can use a vibrator or the like to boost the pleasure even further.