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Lesbians Can Have Sex All Sorts of Ways

Just like everyone else, lesbians can have sex all sorts of ways. They can scissor or tribble, they can finger their clitoris and G-spot, and they can use their hands for oral sex or a dildo.

They can also use toys for penetrative sex, and they can wear strap-ons. The key to safe sex is communicating and respecting each other’s preferences.


The term scissoring might conjure images of cisgender women in tight, thigh-high dresses with French-tip manicures stabbing at each other’s vulvas. But that’s not the only way scissoring can be used for pleasure. In fact, scissoring is a non-penetrative sexual position that can be done with any type of genital combination, explains body-positive pleasure expert Sarah Sloane.

It gets its name from the image of two people spread apart, like two pairs of scissors, interlocking their legs to grind on each other, she says. In practice, it can be done in a variety of positions, from face to face or foot to foot. It can also be done with one person straddling the other or with both partners positioned in a half-lotus position.

Sloane notes that the scissoring position can be a powerful way to create orgasm, especially for trans and non-binary people who might not be able to flex their clitorises in a typical way. It’s also a great option for couples who want to experiment with different types of intimacy, she adds.

While scissoring is a non-penetrative act, it still has the potential to transmit STIs and other infections from genital-to-genital contact. To help prevent this, Sloane suggests having plenty of lube handy and using the move as an opportunity to communicate about what feels pleasurable for both partners. Getting hot and wet and communicating about the rhythm, angle, intensity, pressure, and spot that both partners find satisfying can help them have more consistent and longer-lasting pleasure for all involved.

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Fingering is a great way to explore erogenous zones without using the anal canal. Stimulating a woman’s clitoris, G-spot, or labia with fingers can be extremely pleasurable. You can also experiment with different strokes, speeds, and pressure. Fingering is a highly individualized sexual activity, so it’s important to pay attention to your partner’s body language and verbal cues.

Women often mention that their most erotic orgasms involve fingering their clitoris and G-spot. The clitoris has two to three times more nerve endings than the penis, so it’s a sensitive area that responds well to stimulation. The best way to finger your partner’s clitoral region is by stroking in a circular motion. Then, gradually increase the speed and pressure until she climaxes.

Women enjoy fingering their own clitoral regions, but many of them like to have their partners do the same. The most important thing is to use plenty of lube. This makes the touch much more sensual, and it will also reduce friction, which is an easy turn-off for many women. Also, make sure to wash your hands before touching the vulva. This is a highly sensitive area, so you don’t want to introduce any germs. Lastly, you should always check in with your partner to see how she’s enjoying the experience. She will let you know if she wants more or less stroking, if she wants you to move up or down, faster or slower, if she wants her clitoris licking or her G-spot stimulated, and so on.

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Humping is a form of oral stimulation where a woman licks the inside of her partner’s mouth to create friction that can lead to an orgasm. It’s common for lesbian couples to use a hump for foreplay, but it can also be a way of preparing for penetration. Lesbians can humps with their hands or with a dildo, a penis-shaped gadget that vibrates.

There are many ways that two women can have sex, including kissing/snogging, caressing, fingering, cunnilingus, and rubbing each other’s genital areas. Some lesbians like to have penetrative sex with their fingers or a dildo, while others prefer to have non-penetrating sex such as clitoral or anal stimulation.

Another way to have sex between two women is to masturbate at the same time. This is often done with a dildo or a vibrator, which can increase the pleasure by creating a feeling of weight and a deep vibration. Mutual masturbation can cause pregnancy, so it’s important to use contraception if you want to avoid this risk.

There is a lot of myths around how two women have sex, but the truth is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. It’s important to communicate with your partner and to experiment with different positions until you find what feels good for you.

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Penetration is when the penis enters the vagina or two vaginas rub together. This is usually followed by oral sex, which is when the mouth is used to pleasure the genitals. Sometimes a condom can be put between the women to create a barrier that makes it easier to penetrate each other’s genitals. This can also be useful for preventing STIs, especially if one partner has herpes or HPV.

For many people, penetration is the most pleasurable part of sexual activity. The clitoris, the little bump above the opening to the vagina, is full of nerve endings and highly sensitive to touch. Many women need their clitoris to be stimulated for an orgasm. There are lots of different positions and ways to move your bodies during penetrative sex that can be enjoyable for both partners. It might take a while to find the position, movement and touching that works best for you.

Remember that, even though cis women and transgender women both have vaginas, lesbians can still get pregnant by penetrative sex, just like anyone else. Always use birth control that you and your partner both agree on, including hormonal methods (like the pill), condoms, spermicidal creams and dental dams for oral sex. It is also a good idea to have STI screenings regularly, so you can catch any infections early.