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Is Sexual Arousal Fluid Stretchy?

Wetness that makes your underwear feel a little damp could be a sign of ovulation or sexual arousal. The clear, stretchy discharge that can appear during these times is cervical mucus, which has a pasty or creamy consistency.

Arousal fluid is the clear liquid produced during sexual arousal by glands in and around the vagina to lubricate it for intercourse. It is wet, slippery and dissipates quickly – usually within an hour.

Is it normal?

The fluid that appears when you are sexually aroused is released from glands in the vulva and vagina (Bartholin’s and Skene’s glands) to provide lubrication for sex. It is clear and watery with a slippery texture and usually dissipates within an hour after sex. It is very similar to cervical mucus and may be mistaken for it. However, it will not stretch like cervical mucus, which is why it is important to know the difference.

Getting wet during sexual arousal is normal, as the response is both physical and psychological. It is triggered by an increase in blood flow to the genitals which causes a swelling of the blood vessels and pushes fluid to the surface of the skin. The lubrication helps to allow painless penetration and enables orgasm (4).

Unlike other types of vaginal discharge, arousal fluid is clear and watery and has a slippery consistency. It does not smell and it does not contain sperm. However, it is important to note that just because you are wet does not mean you want sex. You can be in a sexual situation and not be aroused or you can be aroused but still not want sex, and this is completely okay.

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Is it a sign of fertility?

Cervical fluid changes throughout the menstrual cycle due to hormonal fluctuations, so monitoring it can indicate when you are most fertile. Its appearance (jelly-like, clear, stretchy, sticky or pasty) and sensation (wet, dry) can vary. You can observe it by wiping with toilet paper or using finger testing.

Arousal fluid is clear to milky white and can feel slippery to the touch. It also stretches between your fingers easily. This type of cervical mucus occurs during ovulation and indicates that you are fertile. It may cause your underwear to feel wet.

Prior to ovulation, the mucus becomes more watery. It feels wet to the touch and is less elastic than arousal fluid. It also has a more opaque, lotion-like consistency. It is not the most fertile type of cervical fluid, but it shouldn’t be written off.

After ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes jelly-like again. It can be stretched up to 5 centimetres without tearing. This is called Spinnbarkeit and it indicates that you are fertile. It can also be observed by looking at your underwear, which may feel wet and have a frothy quality. It is also possible to feel a bump or ache on the vulva during this time. It is a good idea to perform sex at this time as it provides additional lubrication. If you are taking the Pill, your cervical mucus will likely be more viscous and thicker than normal.

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Is it a sign of pregnancy?

While this fluid is normal and can happen during sexual arousal, it is not necessarily a sign that you are pregnant. It is actually lubrication secreted by glands in and around the vulva and vagina. These include the Bartholin and Skene glands. This lubrication helps to make it easier for things (like the penis) to move through the area without causing friction or skin tears. It can be clear or milky white in appearance and feels slippery when touched. This type of wetness typically disappears within an hour after sexual arousal or intercourse is complete.

Arousal fluid is different from cervical mucus in that it only appears during sexual arousal or when sex is being planned. Cervical fluid usually appears all throughout the menstrual cycle and can range in texture from slippery to sticky or pasty. It also changes in color and odor depending on the hormone levels of the woman. Arousal fluid, on the other hand, has a watery consistency and tends to have a mild odor.

The clumpy and stretchy nature of arousal fluid could be the result of semen (sperm). This sperm is released when the man ejaculates during sex. The clumpy and stretchy nature is believed to help sperm stick together on their way to the egg. It may also be the result of a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, which are also common in women.

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Is it dangerous?

During sexual arousal, the body secretes clear fluid to lubricate the vulva and penis to prepare for intercourse. This happens because of an increase in blood flow to the genitals. The lubrication also helps decrease friction or skin tears. The fluid is produced by glands around the vulva and vagina, including the Bartholin and Skene glands. The wetness you feel in your underwear or pants is this fluid. It usually disappears within an hour.

Unlike cervical mucus, which can have a milky or thick consistency, this kind of lubrication is smooth and stretchy. It is very slippery to the touch and feels almost like egg whites. When you put it between your fingers, it stretches and doesn’t break easily. It also has a slightly cloudy or clear appearance.

When this type of fluid appears, it’s usually a sign that you are fertile and ovulating. It could also be a sign of pregnancy if it’s clear and sticky with no strong odor. This happens because of rising oestrogen and progesterone levels.

You may experience a similar wetness during or just before intercourse, but this is likely seminal fluid. This is released by the man and contains sperm. It has a watery consistency and lasts longer in the vagina. It can sometimes leak or gush after unprotected sex. It also makes the vagina feel very wet and slippery, which can be uncomfortable.