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How to Sexually Please Your Man

Men love to be stimulated by a woman who is not afraid to touch herself. A woman who can take control in the bedroom is a major orgasm-inducer for him.

Here are some tips on how to sexually please your man and keep him coming back for more. It is not just about his pleasure, though; it’s also about yours.

Slow it down

Men love erotic foreplay, especially when they can sense that you’re into it too. It builds sexiness, sexual tension and makes them crave you even more. So, take it slow when you first climb into bed with him.

You can also surprise him by going down on him. He’ll be totally addicted to this sensation. This is one of the best ways to please a man.

Another great way to please your man is to tease him. Send him sexy photos of yourself or tease him in bed by saying something naughty. He’ll be craving you even more when he’s trying to figure out what’s up – These words are a blend of the website author’s insights and experiences He’ll want to get you in his pants as soon as possible. Then, when he does, be ready for him with some crazy orgasms.

Sex toys

Men need sex toys too (although theirs usually look less wholesome). From male masturbators to cock rings, these products are designed to give you an intense orgasm and make for a great gift.

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Don’t be afraid to try something new in the bedroom. Research has shown that couples with exciting s#x lives have more passionate s#x and last longer together.

Taking control in bed is a huge turn on for most men. Aim to initiate s#x and make him crave you. While doing so, make sure to maintain eye contact with him. This sends a message of confidence and is a sure way to get him going. This will also let him know that you are not afraid to explore your sensual side. This will please him even more.

Surprise him

Men love the thrill of being surprised, so surprise him in bed by trying something new. You can try a new sex toy, or even try some BDSM (bondage, dominance, submission, sadomasochism).

If you’re feeling bold, throw him a surprise by blindfolding him and tieing his hands. This is a great way to build trust and make your man feel empowered in his pleasure.

Another great surprise is to tease him by slowly taking off your clothes. This slow foreplay will build up his anticipation and will increase his sexual drive. Play with his nipples and thighs to add extra stimulation. You can also try riding him reverse cowgirl to give him a ride that is both physical and emotional. This can be extremely arousing and makes you both feel accomplished.

Pay attention to his body

Men want to know that they have your attention in the bedroom. It’s important to communicate with him verbally as well as physically. Telling him when it feels good to touch you or when he needs to go slower, harder, or deeper is essential to keeping your s#xual connection alive and interesting.

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If you’re not able to communicate with words, try using soft moans to convey your pleasure. He will love hearing your joyful voice while you’re reaching climax and it will help him last longer.

Another way to keep things exciting is to give him hot foreplay. Studies have shown that when you do, wear, or say something sexually provocative before s#x it triggers a sexy reaction in his brain. It’s called conditioning [3, 4]. This is one of the best ways to please your man in the bedroom.

Give him a BJ

Most men love a good blowjob, but it’s important to read his cues. He might be twitching his dick or leaking precum, so don’t stop tracing it until he tells you to stop.

Licking the head of his penis can be incredibly pleasurable, especially the underside of the tip, which has a small ridge on it called the frenulum. However, it’s important to be gentle, as the head of the penis is super sensitive and can hurt if touched too hard.

Oral sex is also extremely arousing for many men. Tease him by kissing the outline of his lips, and then placing the head in your mouth between outlines for added lubrication. He will go crazy for it. This is one of the hottest foreplay experiences out there.

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Be flexible

If you want to keep your s#x life spicy, it’s important that you be flexible. Try a new technique in bed to see what turns him on.

For example, if he wants to be the one to initiate s#x and maintain an erection, go with it. It’s good for him to take some of the pressure off, and it will give you an excuse to get on top of him!

Also, don’t be afraid to grab him. Many men enjoy being grabbed and rubbed in the right places. Just make sure you know his erogenous zones so that you’re not doing it too hard. And don’t be afraid to communicate sexy things like how much you desire him. It gives a great boost to his ego!

Make him feel appreciated

A lot of men feel insecure about their s#xual abilities and need a bit of encouragement to keep it going. Men love to be praised for their accomplishments, especially in bed. So give him a big kiss when you’re putting him to sleep, or whisper in his ear how hard he made you wet.

Men also like it when you show them how much you want them. This can be as simple as opening the door without a shirt on, running your hands down his pants or kissing him deep. Telling him how irresistible you find him can boost his ego and make him feel even more desirable. And don’t forget about sex toys! They can be the hottest thing in your bedroom. They can help you reach climax faster and create a sexual experience that you will never forget.