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How to Have Sex With a Virgin

We live in a society that places an enormous amount of pressure on virginity. Male virgins past a certain age are seen as immature man-children, while female virgins are often perceived as the pinnacle of purity and innocence.

This can make virgins feel anxious about having sex with a partner. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

1. Be Honest

It may not be obvious to you, but virgins are often subjected to a lot of pressure to lose their virginity. The idea of virginity is treated in a variety of ways in society and the media, ranging from a gross embarrassment to be gotten rid of at all costs to the ultimate state of purity and innocence.

Men and women who are virgins can feel like they are at a disadvantage because of the societal pressure on them to lose their virginity, and men and women who are sexually experienced can be frustrated with the fact that virgins sometimes seem less ready for sex than those who have had experience. Honesty is the best policy, and it’s important to tell your partner if you are a virgin and plan on staying that way until marriage.

If your partner does not want to lose their virginity, they will probably let you know, and it’s okay to respect that. It’s a choice that is not made lightly – This section is a result of the portal editorial team’s work SexXnet. It’s also okay if they don’t cum, and it doesn’t mean that the sex was bad or that they won’t be as desirable to you in the future.

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2. Be Patient

Having sex with a virgin can feel a lot like a rite of passage. That’s not a bad thing, but it can lead to high expectations, which can make things feel less than perfect when they happen.

It’s important to be patient with both yourself and your partner. It takes time for the body to adjust, and it’s normal to have a few moments of discomfort. You’ll both get more comfortable over time, and it will be easier to communicate if anything feels uncomfortable or painful.

A new girl’s vagina can be tight, so it may take some time for her to get used to having her penis inserted into it. It can also help if you both start out in a straddle position, which allows her to control the depth of penetration and reduces the risk of her getting an STD. It’s also a good idea for both of you to pee after sex, as this flushes the vulva and reduces the likelihood of infection. Lastly, remember that you don’t have to tell anyone that you lost your virginity if you don’t want to.

3. Be Respectful

It’s important to be respectful during sexual intercourse. Don’t be pushy or act haughty, and make sure that you’re aware of any pain or discomfort that she might feel.

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Virgin girls tend to be tense and eager, but they’ll also be attached to the guy that they lose their virginity to (especially since it’s her first time). Make sure that she knows that you respect her feelings and will listen if she says that something hurts or if she wants to stop.

She may orgasm quickly or early on in the process; don’t tease her about it or act like she doesn’t know what she’s doing – this can be very frightening for her. It’s also normal for her to not orgasm at all; this doesn’t mean that sex isn’t happening, but rather that she isn’t ready for it yet. Try doing some foreplay and talking to her more to see if she feels ready eventually. It’s important to give her some power in the beginning by using Girl-On-Top or Classic Missionary. This will help her get comfortable with the sensations.

4. Be Gentle

Virgin girls can feel sensitive and are generally very afraid of hurting themselves (especially when they have their first time). You should be gentle. Stifle your instinct to go fast and rough.

During penetration, remember that a virgin’s tight vagina may cause her pain and she will cry in discomfort. This may reduce sexual arousal and can even make her turn off. Gently caress her breasts, crotch and clitty and use good sex positions like Girl on top or Missionary – these will give her the best balance and less painful friction.

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Her hymen may stretch or tear during her first time sex and she may bleed. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something that you should prepare her for.

Spend a lot of time on foreplay and kiss her parts that aren’t genital – her lips, hips, shoulders, hands – even nuzzle her ears! During foreplay, she will be turned on and naturally lubricated, which makes her more comfortable during penetration. This will make it more pleasurable for both of you.

5. Be Enthusiastic

A lot of men have a difficult time reaching an orgasm while having sex with a virgin, but it’s not entirely their fault. The sensations are new and unexpected, and it can take a while to get used to. This is why it’s important to give her some lubrication and to try a few different positions your first time together.

A virgin’s hymen may tear from penetration, but it isn’t always painful or something to be ashamed of. The hymen usually tears when it’s stretched, and it can tear for a variety of reasons, including horseback riding or vigorous exercise.

Virgin girls and women have a lot of fear about the pain of their first-time sex. It’s not easy for them to have sex without pain, so you need to spend some time in romance and make her comfortable. Kiss her lips, caress her face and body, rub her thighs, feet and hands – parts that aren’t necessarily sexual. This will help her to feel less scared and she will be able to have sex easily.