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How to Have a Sex Dream

Dreams can be a powerful tool to understand what you desire. Even dreams about toe-curling, super amazing sex can be worth deciphering for deeper meaning.

If you are dreaming about an ex, it could symbolize a regressive return to an old situation that may be causing you pain. Luckily, lucid dreams are easy to practice and can help you achieve the steamy fantasies of your dreams!

1. Set the Right Mood

Whether you’ve read erotic novels or watched 90s teen flicks, it can help to put yourself in the right mood. Focus on things that make you feel sexually aroused, like smelling a certain scent, having a certain type of pillow, or listening to sexy music.

It’s also worth keeping an erotic journal, where you write down your sexual fantasies and dreams each night. The act of writing can help you remember and understand your dream, and may even encourage you to have more sexy dreams in the future.

Some experts believe that sex dreams are a way of processing your real-life feelings and emotions about relationships, or resolving conflict. While it’s normal to have sex dreams, if you find yourself having them frequently, it could be time to talk to a mental health professional.

Dreaming about orgasms and discharge that occurs during sex, factors that impact your libido, masturbation, and speaking to a partner about sexual fantasies is just as important as the actual physical act. Join the conversation and discover topics like these and more in our discussion on Orgasms & Masturbation.

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Sexy dreams are typically more common in teenagers, who are going through hormonal changes, but they can happen at any age. It’s totally normal to want to have a sexy dream—although you might have to work a bit harder to achieve it as an adult.

2 – This section comes from the portal’s editor sexgils.com. Practice Lucid Dreaming

When you’re lucid in your dreams, you have the power to change them. You can practice making your dream sexy by playing sensual music, watching a romantic movie or reading sexy books before bed. Some people have reported experiencing sexual arousal and even orgasms in their sleep. These erotic dreams can be a safe and private way to explore different desires, fantasies and kinks without judgment or fear of rejection.

To become lucid in your dreams, you need to realize that you’re actually dreaming. You can do this by looking for a person in your dream who makes you feel sexually aroused. Once you’ve found a desirable partner, talk to them and try to find out what their role in your dream is. It’s important to remember that your dream characters are a reflection of parts of yourself and you should treat them with respect.

Once you’ve made a connection with your dream partner, ask them to initiate sex. Be sure to listen to their response carefully, as they may deny your request or morph into someone else. Regardless of what they do, stay calm and focus on controlling your breathing to prevent yourself from waking up. Many lucid dreamers experience sex orgasms in their dreams, and these experiences can even be physically real. Interestingly, some lucid dream orgasms are actually caused by physical responses in your body, such as a rise in heart rate and blood flow to the pelvic region.

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3. Visualize Your Desire

In addition to practicing lucid dreaming and utilizing various relaxation techniques before bed, you can also help yourself have a sexy dream by simply visualizing the sexual pleasure you want while you sleep. For example, if you’re imagining Ryan Gosling giving you oral sex, this can stimulate the area of your brain associated with that sensation and make it more likely to be triggered while you’re dreaming.

Other erotic visualization techniques include talking about sex with your partner throughout the day, reading a sensual book (like ‘Kama Sutra’), or listening to sexy audio stories. In fact, if you have a smart speaker like an Amazon Echo or Google Home, there are apps that can help you fall asleep while listening to “erotic tales for couples” or an “audio romance.”

Keeping a dream journal and experimenting with the strategies above can help you have sexy dreams more often and vividly. If you notice patterns in your sex dreams, such as dreaming about the same person multiple times, this could be an indicator that you are craving more intimacy in your life. However, remember to always prioritize consent and safety when it comes to your sexual desires in waking life as well as in your dreams. After all, sex is not for everyone.

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4. Practice Teleportation

When you lucid dream, you have the power to control your dreamscape. This can be a little tricky, however. Most lucid dreams are highly arousing, and it’s easy to lose control or wake up before the fantasy goes very far. To help you master this technique, try practicing basic dream-control skills during your waking life. These will help you stabilize your awareness within the dream and explore your surroundings calmly.

For example, if you want to have a sex dream, it’s important that you can navigate yourself around the dreamscape and avoid obstacles that would interfere with your sexual fantasies. A quick way to do this is to practice entering liminal spaces, such as clouds, fog, or mirrors. These are all potential portals into the dreamscape, and they can be used to travel to a specific location or even to a fantasy land.

Choosing the right sleepwear can also help. Baggy flannel pyjamas are likely to produce less sensual dreams, while silk sheets and underwear will send your sleeping mind in a more sexual direction. It’s also a good idea to cut down on masturbation, since it can interfere with your sex dreams.

So if you want to have a luscious sex dream, start by creating a clear picture of the person with whom you want to have sex in your mind. Then, relax and enjoy the experience of having a sensual dream.