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How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You

You’ve made her like and trust you, and now it’s time to take things to the next level. This article will teach you how to ignite sexual tension with a girl so that she’s eager to have sex with you.

Get foreplay going with her. This can be anything from watching porn to giving her a massage.

1. Set the mood.

It’s common for couples to struggle with intimacy. Whether it’s due to lack of sleep, work stress or past traumas, sometimes it’s just hard to feel turned on to have sex.

Luckily, there are ways to help get your girl in the mood for sex. You can try turning on some sensual music, dimming the lights or giving her a foot or back massage. You can also use a sex toy to tease her hot spots and create an intense foreplay experience.

Plus, you can talk dirty to her (although be careful not to sound too corny). Research shows that talking about sex is a huge turn on for many women. In fact, 32 percent of women surveyed reported that “dirty talk” can really set the mood.

2. Get to know her on a deeper level.

In order for a woman to get turned on, she must first feel understood. Often, things that happened in her past still affect how she feels today. This can create a feeling of disconnection, which will make it hard for her to let go and become turned on by you.

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She also needs to feel like you are her safe space. If she thinks you are hanging out with other women, or even talking to another girl behind her back, it will dampen her desire.

Getting to know her on a deeper level could mean discussing her dreams and desires, or exploring her fetishes. It may also mean being there for her when she is going through tough times, and putting in effort to always be on time (as this can be a big turn off). You might even try taking sexy activities outside of the bedroom—like foreplay at her favorite restaurant or car ride.

3. Ask her if she wants to have sex.

Once you’ve started getting to know her on a deeper level, it’s time to ask her whether or not she wants to have sex. This is a very delicate topic and it’s important to approach it carefully.

If she’s talking about sex, touching you sexually, or even texting about “what’s between her legs” it’s a good sign that she is ready to take things further. However, it’s important to remember that some girls are more hesitant than others and may need more time to build trust before they’re ready to have sex.

Never guilt-trip or pressure a girl into having sex with you, this can turn her off for good. Instead, make her want to have sex by showing her that you’re a caring and sensitive partner.

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4. Ask her if she’s ready to have sex.

Sometimes, a girl will be so horny that she doesn’t even need you to do anything to get her turned on. She’ll be so hot for you that you can tell by her body language and her facial expressions that she’s ready for sex.

This is a great question to ask if things have already been heating up and you’ve been flirting with her a lot. Just make sure to use some sexy innuendos when you answer!

If she answers that she’s not ready for sex, take it as a hint and move on to the next step. Otherwise, you could end up losing her interest! Instead, try talking about other ways you can be physically intimate together. For example, you could suggest that you try using lubricants or different positions to see what feels best.

5. Make it romantic.

Many men struggle to find ways to be romantic with their partner. But adding a little bit of romance into your relationship can not only make it more fun but also re-energize your libido.

Feeling understood by her partner is a big turn-on for women. “If she feels like you understand her moods and emotions and what makes her tick, then this is a huge factor in if she’s going to get turned on,” Winter says.

Show her you care by putting on a romantic song and running your hands up and down her body. Touch escalates as she becomes more comfortable so start with a light touch and slowly move up to kissing then making out and eventually sex. Whispering in her ear is super seductive and can almost feel naughty.

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6. Make it fun.

You can make your girlfriend want to have sex with you by making her feel special. For example, you can take her out for a romantic dinner and wine, or you can surprise her with a gift. It’s also important to treat her with respect. Be polite, and don’t talk about other girls behind her back.

Many women are afraid of getting pregnant or contracting an STI, so they don’t want to have sex. You can help her overcome these fears by talking about birth control, sex education, and safe sex techniques. You can also try a little foreplay to get her in the mood. Lick her vulva, then move on to the inside of her lips and clitoris, gently darting in and out.

7. Make it a surprise.

Many girls get turned off by men who just “suddenly” offer sex with them. This is usually a sign that she’s not ready for sex, so take it slowly.

Give her hints that you’re interested in her more than just her body. Text her sexy messages, talk about her dreams and goals, and make sure you’re always on time when she comes over your house or meets you at the corner of the street.

Start foreplay in a non-sexual way, like licking her cheek or running your hand up and down her leg. Try playing with her clitoris, too, by pinching it between your thumb and index finger. Lick it gently, then play with it a little more. This is a great way to heighten her sensation and build trust.