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How to Be Sexy in Bed

Being sexy in bed requires an open mind, exploration, vulnerability and communication with your partner. It also involves knowing what turns your partner on.

Try sexy games like role-playing during sex or imitating your favorite celebrity in the bedroom. It can boost your confidence and make you feel sexier in the bedroom.

Dress to Impress

If you’re feeling a little bored in the bedroom, it may not take much to spice things up. It can start with something as simple as changing your wardrobe. There are lots of cute clothes that can add a seductive vibe in the bedroom, and many of them also feel great to wear.

A fitted cotton tee or bra and panties set can be super seductive, as can a short soft robe that’s loosely draped around your body. Alternatively, try a silk cami with some hot panties or a corset that shows off your shape. Some lace lingerie is another option that looks and feels amazing, especially in red.

If you’re really looking to get his attention, dress up as a character from one of his favorite movies or books. It’s a fun way to play out his secret fantasy and is sure to make him feel excited and attracted to you in bed.

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Dance to Music

In the bedroom, listening to music can be a fun way to enhance arousal and intimacy. Try dancing to a song or even just swaying your body to the rhythm of the beat. This is a great way to show him your sensual side and makes for some killer foreplay.

One of the most powerful moves in bed is arching your back. Whether you’re lying down, on your stomach or in missionary position, this little trick can send him into a state of sexual pleasure. He will be turned on by your arousal as well as by the sensation of you arching your back against his penetration.

Communicating during sex is important, but it’s equally crucial to listen to your partner. Ask them what they like and don’t like and take their lead to make sure they’re happy. Plus, they’ll be thrilled that you care enough to ask them how the experience was. They’ll feel like they’re in a place of power, which is sexy. And don’t forget to flirt during sex. That is always sexy!

Ice It

Fans were a bit gobsmacked when Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey experimented with ice play during their sexy scenes in Fifty Shades Freed, but it’s something that can easily be replicated between the sheets. Simply get a few ice cubes and rub them over your partner’s skin. The cool touch will stimulate both the nerves and senses.

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Try tracing frosty trails with your fingertips over his torso, sexy neckline, or inner thighs. It’s a great way to heat up the intimacy and send him into a frenzy.

You can also have them rub ice on the sensitive areas of your body, such as the wrists, inner elbows, soles of the feet, or behind the knees. These small touches will show him that you’re into him and turn up the heat between the sheets.

Be sure to discuss consent and sexual boundaries before attempting any ice plays. While this tip won’t take you from tame to seductive overnight, it can help you to build confidence and a sexy persona that will be sure to please your partner.

Surprise Him

Even if your man knows you like to have some fun in the bedroom, it can still be exciting when you surprise him with something new. It doesn’t have to be something crazy — a little twist in the usual lights-out routine can make him feel all hot and bothered.

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Try out a new sexy position. Whether it’s your favorite sexy kissing position or a new one you found while browsing sexy websites together, introducing a new position is sure to get him excited.

You can also tease him in bed by taking away one sense, such as making him wear earplugs or tie his hands during sex. This will really add to the excitement of the moment and make him want you even more.

Try Something New

There are so many things you can do to make your sex life more interesting. Whether it’s using arousal gel, talking dirty or keeping the lights on, there are tons of ways to spice up your time between the sheets. Try something new every once in a while to keep the thrill alive.

Men love a vocal woman, so don’t be afraid to let loose in bed. Groans, moans and screams of pleasure are all highly erotic and can really turn him on. If you’re unsure how loud to go, ask him what kind of voice turns him on and aim for that during sex.

Nothing kills a man’s desire faster than stress, so do whatever you can to decrease your levels of tension and anxiety. This will help your libido to bounce back and get you back into sexy girl mode.