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How to Be Intimate Without Sex

Sometimes it can feel hard to figure out how to be intimate with your partner when you’re not in the mood for sex. Here are some ways to build intimacy without sex.

Intimacy in a relationship often involves deep affection, trust, open communication, and shared experiences. It can also include a variety of physical contact and activities like holding hands or cuddling.

Talk About Your Needs

Many people think that intimacy only involves being touchy and sexual, but this isn’t necessarily the case. A couple can still develop a strong sense of emotional intimacy and a deep bond, even without the physical aspect of intimate connection.

You’ll want to be clear and honest with your partner when it comes to talking about your needs and what you both enjoy about intimacy. It’s a conversation that should be had while you both are in a calm and comfortable mood, so you won’t have any major upsets or arguments during it.

It’s also important to remember that if your partner isn’t into being intimate without sex, they may not be able to change their preferences. However, you can always try to be accommodating by embracing other forms of physical intimacy that they find satisfying. This might mean doing things like oral sex or masturbation together, which can provide an orgasmic sensation that feels similar to physical pleasure during sex.

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Another way to build intimacy is to share hobbies and adventures together as a couple, or simply hang out and do activities that you both love. This will bring you closer emotionally and give you new experiences to treasure with one another. It’s also a great way to work on communication skills and develop your relationship’s trust.

Make a List of Non-Sex Activities

Whether you and your partner are in the early stages of your relationship or have been together for a while, you can still build intimacy in many ways that don’t involve sex. The key is to make a list of what you and your partner enjoy doing together and come up with creative ways to achieve physical or emotional closeness without sex.

For example, you could hold hands several times a day and gently stroke each other’s arms or backs. Even small displays of affection can be mutually reassuring and help you remain physically intimate, Bustle reports.

You can also be physically intimate by exploring areas of the body that don’t typically get touched during sex, like the legs or stomach. This can be fun and a great way to show your partner how much you care.

Boosting intimacy in non-sexual ways can also strengthen your bond by deepening the emotional connection between you and your partner. As you spend more time together, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of each other and feel closer than ever before.

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Intimacy in a relationship is not just about sex, and it’s possible to be intimate with your partner in a variety of different ways. Boosting intimacy in non-sexual ways is a great way to nurture your relationship and ensure that you’re always connected to one another.

Find Physical Touch

Physical intimacy doesn’t always have to be sexual. It could be as simple as a gentle touch on the arm or cheek or a long, intimate gaze while watching TV or reading together. It’s important to make sure that you and your partner focus on emotional intimacy as well as physical intimacy if sex isn’t an option for you.

If your love language is physical touch but your boo lives a plane ride away, don’t worry, you can meet this need in other ways. Try holding hands in public, touching the neck or back of your partner when you’re watching a movie, or giving each other a massage at home. Just be sure that whatever you choose isn’t erotic or it will take the edge off of your need for physical intimacy.

If your needs are primarily emotional and you’re struggling to connect with your partner, try journaling about your feelings or taking a long walk together. Sharing your emotions with each other will help you feel closer to each other and can also be helpful in managing conflict.

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Get Creative

It can be difficult to think of ways to be intimate without sex, but there are plenty of options. You and your partner can build intimacy by talking, focusing on each other’s goals, and helping out when necessary. You can also bond over common interests, such as a shared hobby or activity. Reading together can be a great way to stimulate your minds and create a safe environment for discussing differing viewpoints.

You can also be physically intimate without intercourse by touching each other in non-sexual ways. Holding hands, caresses on the face, and hugs are all ways to provide comfort without penetration. Cuddling for long periods of time is a wonderful form of physical intimacy.

Aside from physical intimacy, you can also share emotional and cognitive intimacy by talking about your goals and dreams. Focusing on your hopes and fears is a way to feel close to one another, especially in times of distress or anxiety. Creating a scrapbook or photo album is another way to share and treasure memories with your loved one.

You can also show your love and appreciation for one another through verbal acts of intimacy, such as compliments. Compliments are a simple and inexpensive way to build intimacy and make your partner feel cherished and connected to you. You can also share words of affirmation by making a list of things you adore about them and sharing it with them.