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He Wants Sex But Not a Relationship

Getting involved with someone who only wants to bang can be pretty hard on both of you. But, there is a way out of it!

It takes time to build a sense of emotional safety in a relationship. If he’s talking about sex with you in cute and loving ways, it may be more than physical for him.

1. You Never Go Out

If all he ever wants is to sleep with you, it’s likely that he sees you as more of an FWB than a girlfriend. You might only hang out at his place and never go on dates, or maybe you even just stay in and watch movies together.

If he was into you, he’d be down to plan dates or cute activities during the daytime so that things feel more like a relationship. If he doesn’t want that, then you can’t force him. Just be willing to walk away. The right guy for you will come along sooner or later.

2. He Keeps You Away From His Friends

If he never introduces you to his friends and family or only hangs out with them when he wants something from you (usually sex), this is a big red flag. He’s keeping you a secret from them because he sees your relationship as more of a casual fling than a true love affair.

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It’s OK if you’re not ready for a serious relationship, but if you feel like your connection is based solely on sex, you should definitely think twice about it. A true lover will want to spend time together doing cute coupley things and make you feel like you’re part of his life.

3. He Always Starts The Sex

He wants sex, but he won’t make the first move

If he always starts the sex, it could be because he’s afraid of rejection. It’s also possible that he’s religious and doesn’t want to have sex until marriage.

If one partner is doing all the initiating, resentment can build and sex can start to feel like just another thing to check off the list. Try switching up who initiates more often so that each person gets a chance to feel satisfied and wanted. Learn relationship skills and communication tools to create passionate monogamy and rekindle desire and climax.

4. He’s Always Asking How You’re Doing

A man asking how you are doing is often a sign that he likes you. He may want to spend more time with you, or he could be looking to hook up.

If he only wants sex, he won’t care about getting to know you on a deeper level. He’ll only be interested in talking about your body and sexual desires.

Depression is linked to lower libido, so if your guy’s always asking how you’re doing, he might be feeling low. He might also be taking antidepressants, which can also decrease his libido. It’s worth seeking professional help.

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5. He’s Letting Your Guard Down Around Him

If he is always talking about sexy things or bringing up dirty talk, it’s a clear sign that he only wants sex. If he wants to have fun in the bedroom, that’s fine, but he needs to be willing to go beyond that as well.

A man who wants a relationship would make an effort to introduce you to his friends and family. He would find other ways to make you feel special, like taking you on a romantic date or buying you flowers. He will also be more vocal about enjoying spending time together outside the bedroom.

6. He’s Calling You All The Time

Sometimes, a guy is just really into you and wants to sleep with you. However, this doesn’t mean he has a genuine interest in you as a person beyond sex.

If he wanted more, he would be eager to make plans with you and would enjoy spending time together outside of the bedroom. Likewise, he would be interested in treating you to nice things and hanging out with you in romantic settings.

If every conversation goes into sex or flirting, it’s clear that he just wants to sleep with you. Relationships progress at different speeds, but if you’re stuck just meeting up for sex, it’s time to move on.

7. He’s Making You Feel Comfortable

Some guys want a relationship but are afraid to commit. They might be worried about losing their friends, career or independence. This isn’t always their fault though.

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They might have a great sexual connection but not really connect beyond that. They may talk about their day but quickly move to something sexual. If they genuinely cared about you they would spend time talking about things that are important to both of you.

He might also avoid plans with you if he knows they’re likely to involve sex. He might even be annoyed when you suggest meeting up without the intention of hooking up. He might also only compliment you on your appearance rather than letting you know how much he appreciates you as a person.

8. He’s Making You Feel Safe

The physical intimacy created by kisses, hugs, and random comforting touches shows that he feels safe with you. He doesn’t want to ruin it by pushing for sex.

If he never introduces you to his friends or family, it’s clear that he’s working hard to keep your connection carnal only. If he liked you, he’d be more interested in meeting your loved ones and building a genuine relationship with you.

It’s important to know that some people don’t want sex until their relationship has reached a certain level. This is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just a personal preference.

9. He’s Keeping You Away From His Friends

If he’s avoiding meeting your friends and family and he doesn’t want you to meet his, it’s likely because he wants no-strings sex. A guy who really liked you would be excited to introduce you to his friends and family.

If all his compliments are based on your appearance, it’s also a sign that he just wants sex. A guy who is genuinely interested in you will compliment your personality and other qualities.

Does he only text you when he knows there’s a good chance that you’ll hook up? If so, it’s a good indication that he only sees you as an object.